The powerful of Nature, No Doubt..


  • Volcanic dust has a particle consisting of a hard material, so if it stuck to the glass cockpit cans not be directly lost.
  • Volcanic ash is abrasive, so it cans erode the engine components and cause the engine failure when the plane is flying.
  • Examples of cases on June 24, 1982 when British Airways Boeing 747-236 flying in the Indian Ocean, South Tasikmalaya, West Java, Had Died shortly machine due to exposure to volcanic ash
  • The aircraft with flight number BA9 was flying the route Auckland (New Zealand) – London (UK). Suddenly Four aircraft jet engines Died and the plane dropped from a height of 11.500 meters to 4.000 meters. After the machine is successfully turned back, the plane made an emergency landing in Jakarta.

How Volcanic Dust cans cause jet engines to die;

Collection of dust melt and clogs the inside, blocking the fuel nozzle and restrict water circulation. The impact is the engine failure.

1054 fans turning up to 8000 rpm turbine Erosion, Causing reduced ability to fly.

Source: from Bisnis Indonesia Newspapper


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